Backstreet Man (Remix Người Hát Rong)[:: BM(NHR Backstreet Man (Remix Nguoi Hat Rong) ::]

Bài Hát : Backstreet Man (Remix Người Hát Rong) – Thủy Triều Đỏ

Night is over

That song remains

That path of pain

Vanish on the street.

Fading afternoon wandering in far away

Strangers in a hurry ignore him with deep sad eyes.

Alone, feeling so lonely on the long, (oh) long road

Painful fingers on the guitar, painful carried deeply from the past.

The sun is disappearing, slowly fading into darkness

His guitar shows pain, pain from deep inside his heart

Over there life just goes on.

The afternoon is fading on the heartless road.

The flow of strangers like clouds flying

His beating heart must bear the pain of a lifetime, a lonely heart.

That wants, that looks for the light.

The heartless flow of strangers, hand in hands with him

He is forgotten by the sunlight, painful in all his lyrics

But he knows each one of his steps is lighten up.

Singing for a life

Sing the pain away

Sing the song from the bottom of his heart.

In the lonely night

His song makes it fade

Fade the darkness and turn it to the sun.

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