I Love You Forever[:: ILYF I Love You Forever ::]

You and I walking slowly

Hand in hand

Footprints in the sand

Watch the wind as it plays

Throwing shadows across your face

The sky was so blue

Your eyes so green

The air glittering

So sudden, so swift

Love came to us

Just like a gift

I lived here, you lived far away

Our lives called us back, no we could not stay

With a sad sort of smile you took my hand

Said while we’re apart you hope I understand that…


You’ll be holding me

And I’ll be holding you

Through those long nights

My love will be pulling you through

When you see the stars

Pretend they’re my arms

When you feel the air

That is me kissing you there

Say you love me

And I will say I love you

No distance could ever make that untrue

When I’m far away

I’ll reach through time and space

When you hear the wind

You’ll hear me saying

I love you forever

Fast forward our love story

I still remember that day

Her small precious face

You stared into her eyes

Hypnotized by her smile

But your job meant you had to travel

But we weren’t ready for you to go

You held our daughter with a sad sort of smile

Said while we’re apart I want you to know that…

[Repeat Chorus]

God forbid there’ll come a day

When the light in my eyes fades away

But from your hearts I will not go

No bounds shall my spirit know, cause

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

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